South Carolina

2017SEC East2nd5-39-4won Outback
2016SEC East5th3-56-7lost Birmingham
2015SEC East6th1-73-9
2014SEC East4th3-57-6won Independence
2013#4#4SEC East2nd6-211-2won Capital One
2012#8#7SEC East3rd6-211-2won Outback
2011#9#8SEC East2nd6-211-2won Capital One
2010#22#22SEC East1st5-3L9-5lost Chick-fil-A
2009SEC East4th3-57-6lost
2008SEC East3rd4-47-6lost Outback
2007SEC East4th3-56-6
2006SEC East5th3-58-5won Liberty
2005SEC East2nd5-37-5lost Independence
2004SEC East3rd4-46-5
2003SEC East4th2-65-7
2002SEC East4th3-55-7
2001#13#13SEC East3rd5-39-3won Outback
2000#19#21SEC East2nd5-38-4won Outback
1999SEC East6th0-80-11
1998SEC East6th0-81-10
1997SEC East4th3-55-6
1996SEC East3rd4-46-5
1995SEC East4th2-5-14-6-1
1994SEC East3rd4-47-5won Carquest
1993SEC East4th2-64-7
1992SEC East4th3-55-6
1991Indep 3-6-2
1990Indep 6-5
1989Indep 6-4-1
1988Indep 8-4lost Liberty
1987#15#15Indep 8-4lost Gator
1986Indep 3-6-2
1985Indep 5-6
1984#11#13Indep 10-2lost Gator
1983Indep 5-6
1982Indep 4-7
1981Indep 6-6
1980Indep 8-4lost Gator
1979Indep 8-4lost Hall of Fame
1978Indep 5-5-1
1977Indep 5-7
1976Indep 6-5
1975Indep 7-5lost Tangerine
1974Indep 4-7
1973Indep 7-4
1972Indep 4-7
1971Indep 6-5
1970ACC 4th3-2-14-6-1
1969ACC 1st6-07-4lost Peach
1968ACC 4th4-34-6
1967ACC 3rd4-25-5
1966ACC 7th1-31-9
1965ACC 1st4-25-5
1964ACC 6th2-3-13-5-2
1963ACC 6th1-5-11-8-1
1962ACC 4th3-44-5-1
1961ACC 5th3-44-6
1960ACC 5th3-3-13-6-1

Postseason Games

2017Outback BowlSouth Carolina26 - 19Michigan
2016Birmingham BowlSouth Florida46 - 39South CarolinaOT
2014Independence BowlSouth Carolina24 - 21Miami
2013Capital One BowlSouth Carolina34 - 24Wisconsin
2012Outback BowlSouth Carolina33 - 28Michigan
2011Capital One BowlSouth Carolina30 - 13Nebraska
2010SECAuburn56 - 17South Carolina
Chick-fil-A BowlFlorida St.26 - 17South Carolina BowlConnecticut20 - 7South Carolina
2008Outback BowlIowa31 - 10South Carolina
2006Liberty BowlSouth Carolina44 - 36Houston
2005Independence BowlMissouri38 - 31South Carolina
2001Outback BowlSouth Carolina31 - 28Ohio State
2000Outback BowlSouth Carolina24 - 7Ohio State
1994Carquest BowlSouth Carolina24 - 21West Virginia
1988Liberty BowlIndiana34 - 10South Carolina
1987Gator BowlLSU30 - 13South Carolina
1984Gator BowlOklahoma St.21 - 14South Carolina
1980Gator BowlPittsburgh37 - 9South Carolina
1979Hall of Fame BowlMissouri24 - 14South Carolina
1975Tangerine BowlMiami Ohio20 - 7South Carolina
1969Peach BowlWest Virginia14 - 3South Carolina
1945Gator BowlWake Forest26 - 14South Carolina