NC State

2017ACC Atlantic2nd6-29-4won Sun
2016ACC Atlantic4th3-57-6won Independence
2015ACC Atlantic4th3-57-6lost Belk
2014ACC Atlantic5th3-58-5won St Petersburg
2013ACC Atlantic7th0-83-9
2012ACC Atlantic3rd4-47-6lost Music City
2011ACC Atlantic4th4-48-5won Belk
2010#25#25ACC Atlantic2nd5-39-4won Champs Sports
2009ACC Atlantic5th2-65-7
2008ACC Atlantic3rd4-46-7lost
2007ACC Atlantic5th3-55-7
2006ACC Atlantic6th2-63-9
2005ACC Atlantic4th3-57-5won Meineke Car Care
2004ACC 8th3-55-6
2003ACC 4th4-48-5won Tangerine
2002#12#11ACC 4th5-311-3won Gator
2001ACC 4th4-47-5lost Tangerine
2000ACC 5th4-48-4won
1999ACC 5th3-56-6
1998ACC 4th5-37-5lost
1997ACC 6th3-56-5
1996ACC 6th3-53-8
1995ACC 7th2-63-8
1994#17#17ACC 2nd6-29-3won Peach
1993ACC 5th4-47-5lost Hall of Fame
1992#17#15ACC 2nd6-29-3-1lost Gator
1991#24#25ACC 2nd5-29-3lost Peach
1990ACC 6th3-47-5won All-American
1989ACC 4th4-37-5lost Copper
1988#17ACC 3rd4-2-18-3-1won Peach
1987ACC 3rd4-34-7
1986ACC 2nd5-28-3-1lost Peach
1985ACC 6th2-53-8
1984ACC 7th1-63-8
1983ACC 7th1-63-8
1982ACC 3rd3-36-5
1981ACC 5th2-44-7
1980ACC 3rd3-36-5
1979ACC 1st5-17-4
1978#18#19ACC 3rd4-29-3won Tangerine
1977#19ACC 3rd4-28-4won Peach
1976ACC 5th2-33-7-1
1975ACC 4th2-2-17-4-1lost Peach
1974#11#9ACC 2nd4-29-2-1tied Bluebonnet
1973#16ACC 1st6-09-3won Liberty
1972#17ACC 2nd4-1-18-3-1won Peach
1971ACC 6th2-43-8
1970ACC 5th2-3-13-7-1
1969ACC 2nd3-2-13-6-1
1968ACC 1st6-16-4
1967#17ACC 2nd5-19-2won Liberty
1966ACC 2nd5-25-5
1965ACC 3rd4-36-4
1964ACC 1st5-25-5
1963ACC 1st6-18-3lost Liberty
1962ACC 4th3-43-6-1
1961ACC 5th3-44-6
1960ACC 2nd4-1-16-3-1

Postseason Games

2017Sun BowlNC State52 - 31Arizona St.
2016Independence BowlNC State41 - 17Vanderbilt
2015Belk BowlMiss State51 - 28NC State
2014St Petersburg BowlNC State34 - 27UCF
2012Music City BowlVanderbilt38 - 24NC State
2011Belk BowlNC State31 - 24Louisville
2010Champs Sports BowlNC State23 - 7West Virginia BowlRutgers29 - 23NC State
2005Meineke Car Care BowlNC State14 - 0South Florida
2003Tangerine BowlNC State56 - 26Kansas
2002Gator BowlNC State28 - 6Notre Dame
2001Tangerine BowlPittsburgh34 - 19NC State BowlNC State38 - 30Minnesota BowlMiami46 - 23NC State
1994Peach BowlNC State28 - 24Miss State
1993Hall of Fame BowlMichigan42 - 7NC State
1992Gator BowlFlorida27 - 10NC State
1991Peach BowlEast Carolina37 - 34NC State
1990All-American BowlNC State31 - 27Southern Miss
1989Copper BowlArizona17 - 10NC State
1988Peach BowlNC State28 - 23Iowa
1986Peach BowlVirginia Tech25 - 24NC State
1978Tangerine BowlNC State30 - 17Pittsburgh
1977Peach BowlNC State24 - 14Iowa State
1975Peach BowlWest Virginia13 - 10NC State
1974Bluebonnet BowlNC State31 - 31Houstontie
1973Liberty BowlNC State31 - 18Kansas
1972Peach BowlNC State49 - 13West Virginia
1967Liberty BowlNC State14 - 7Georgia
1963Liberty BowlMiss State16 - 12NC State
1946Gator BowlOklahoma34 - 13NC State